CONTENT: per 0.6ml drops: Vitamin C 7.2mg, B1 0.12mg, B2 0.12mg, B3 2.16mg,  B5 0.384mg, B6 0.12mg, B12 0.12mcg, A 72.00 mcg, D3 0.6 mcg, E 0.6mg, Chlorella 6 mg, Taurine 6mg.


May be taken with or without food: May be taken w/ meals for better absorption or if GI discomfort occurs.

INDICATION: Dietary supplement for balanced nutrients and to meet childs physical and mental needs for optimum growth, strenght and good health.

THERAPEUTIC CLASS: Vitamins and Minerals for Children

DOSAGE: less than 6 months 0.3ml once daily, 6 months- 2years 0.6 once daily or as prescribed.

Propan TLC Drops 15ml

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