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THERAPEUTIC CLASS: Vitamins and Minerals for Children


COTENT: per 5 ml syrup : Vitamin A 400mcg, D3 5mcg, C 45mg, E 1mg, B1 0.9mg, B2 0.9mg, B3 10mg, B6 0.9mg, B12 1mcg, B5 3.2mg, Chlorella 50mg, Lysine 30mg, Taurine 6mg.

INDICATION: Dietary Supplement for balanced nutrients and to meet childs physical and mental needs for optimum growth, strenght and good health.

DOSAGE: Children 1-2 years: 2.5ml - 5ml (1/2 -1 tsp)

                 Children 4-12 years: 5 tsp to be taken once a day or as prescribed.


Propan TLC Syrup 60ml

SKU: 023804
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